Okay, Tumblr, I need you to work your magic.

My aunt’s 65th birthday is this Friday, July 26th, and it’s going to be her last. She’s been in hospice for a couple months because of terminal brain cancer and she probably only has a few weeks left at most.

We want to make this birthday really awesome for her. We want to fill her room with balloons of all kinds and colors, and maybe some flowers and chocolate as well.

So, here’s my request of you. I want you to send her something for her birthday. We’re aiming for balloons - and there are loads of balloon delivery services around - but those are usually in the $30+ range and I know we’re all poor on here (though if you can do it, that would be amazing). Send cards. Send drawings or letters. She really loves owls and color. She’s spiritual and very close to God. She loves nature and all things beautiful and colorful.

I know that you guys don’t know her, but she is an amazing person. She is so full of light and has given so much love into the world. She’s introduced me to almost all of my favorite books. She introduced me to the books that inspired me to write. She has always been there for me, even though I’m shitty at communication and writing letters. Even when we only talked once a year, I always knew that she loved me.

I want to make sure that this birthday is amazing and I want her to be showered with balloons and cards and love. So, if you can, send a little something. Here’s the address:

Theresa Hollowell
c/o Rose Arbor Hospice
Room 15
5473 Croyden
Kalamazoo, MI 49009 


If you can, please send something her way.

If you can’t, please, please, please reblog this and signal boost.

Thank you.

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