Bonus Review: Extraction by Stephanie Diaz

You have 6 hours left to win a bookmark signed by @StephanieEDiaz, and I have a review of her book EXTRACTION

You only have until midnight tonight to enter for a chance to win a bookmark SIGNED BY STEPHANIE DIAZ, and I super enjoyed her debut novel Extraction so I thought I’d post an extra review this week. Check out my post about Stephanie Diaz for more about her and for a summary of Extraction.

“What would you give for a way off the Surface, Clementine?”

Logan’s face slides into my head. The one person…

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Tuesday Reads: This Is Not a Test by Courtney Summers

Today on the blog, I review the awesome THIS IS NOT A TEST by @courtney_s

“This is not a test. Listen closely. This is not a test.” But I think she’s wrong. I think this is a test. It has to be.

I have been super craving YA horror lately, and I’m a huge sucker for good zombie stories. This Is Not a Test by Courtney Summers gave me a fix for both of those, and it gave me some stuff I didn’t really know I wanted.

First, let me give you a quick summary. The bulk of this…

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